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Who Is MAG Stainless

MAG Stainless is an experienced metal fabricator based out of Cadott, WI, in Chippewa County. The company has been serving the needs of customers throughout the great state of Wisconsin and all over the country for years. We cater to the needs of businesses involved in food production and processing. No matter the size of the job, we always deliver on our promises. 

Every job is crucial when you’re a family-owned business like MAG Stainless. Our reputation is on the line with every contract, and we always come through for our new and returning customers. That steadfast dedication to stellar results shows in the quality of our work. There is only one way to get a job done at MAG Stainless, and that’s the proper way! 

Your equipment is in good hands with our team. Whether you need repairs on your food processing plant, your manufacturing plant industrial piping for your manufacturing plant, or your specs demand custom fabrication, we are happy to advise on the best course of action. We ensure your systems are optimized for efficiency! Time is money, and our expertise will help keep you profitable.

Our Team

Our Business Culture

Pride In Craftsmanship

Every weld, every cut, and every bend needs to be perfect. That’s just how things are done at MAG Stainless. Being good at what you do makes you a professional. That attitude is evident in our superior workmanship and how we conduct ourselves on the job.  

Focus on Safety

No matter the type of metal fabrication work at hand, our staff prioritizes a clean and safe work area. We have processes to identify potential hazards, even during the smallest assignment. From protective gear to proper ventilation, the protection of our staff and customers, and their property, is always our top priority. 

Emphasis on Teamwork

Whether blood-related or not, our staff and customers become a part of our business family. The success of any project depends on cooperation. At MAG Stainless, we build flawless systems that work as well as we do. 

Respect for Tradition

Metal fabricators helped build our great country and will continue to play a role in the future. MAG Stainless didn’t get to where we are today without building upon our successes in the past. We believe in honest pay for honest work and 100% customer satisfaction.

Adaptability & Innovation

MAG Stainless isn’t a company to rest on its laurels. If there are new tools and new ways of working that will make us more efficient, we’ll add them to our work process. If it helps our customers, it’s good for business. 

Strong Work Ethic

Stainless steel fabrication is tough work. It’s physically demanding and mentally taxing. But no other job is as satisfying when it’s done well. Everyone who works at MAG Stainless is dedicated to giving it their all. Not only do we love what we do, but our shared work ethic is our strongest asset.  

What We Do

Our Services

Raw Materials

From our choice of plate metal to the castings, fittings, and hardware we use, you can rest easy knowing MAG Stainless relies on the best quality materials. 

Iron Work

Iron is popular in manufacturing because it’s strong and easy to work with. No matter what type of product or structure you require, MAG Stainless will make sure you get the best material for its purpose.


When it comes to strength, steel is tougher than iron, plus it doesn’t rust as easily. If tensile and compressive strength is what you’re after, we’ll make sure you get the right alloy for the job.  

Steel Fabrication

Whether you need a custom solution for your food processing plant or a new setup for your pharmaceutical plant, our team can construct and install any items you need. From sanitary tubing for brewpubs to medical-grade components, we’ve got you covered. 

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Repairing Steel and Restoring Trust

MAG Stainless provides innovative solutions for all your steel needs