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Having the parts you need at the work site is one thing, but the job’s not done until it’s correctly assembled and installed. MAG Stainless is experienced in dealing with piping, pumps, control panels, and other mechanical setups. Our certified staff can situate precision products tailored to your industry, from guardrails to more complex systems. 


If you require sheet metal fabricators, look no further than MAG Stainless. Our stainless steel and aluminum welding services are second to none. We have the tools and experience to cut, bend, punch, and assemble various materials. Whether we’re automating the work at our shop or repairing your property on location, the finished piece will be precise, treated, and ready to serve its purpose.

Equipment Sales

Over the years, MAG Stainless has become very familiar with the needs of its customer base. If we don’t have the item you need, we’ll make it! We sell the products supporting Wisconsin’s leading industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing. Please send us your requests or give us a call to learn more about our competitive pricing and estimated timelines. 

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