Why Work for MAG Stainless

Working as a fabricator is a rewarding career, but it’s not for everyone. Stainless steel fabrication requires intense concentration. If you enjoy working with your hands and collaborating on various engineering projects, a career at MAG Stainless holds plenty of appeal. As a successful family-owned business, we insist on treating our employees like members of the family. And for our staff, that’s a very good thing!

We’ve adopted an open and honest work culture that has served our business well for many years. We understand the importance of maintaining a proper work/life balance and rewarding people generously. We wouldn’t be the business we are today if we didn’t have a talented, hard-working crew. As such, we never take our employees for granted.

Taking pride in the finished project is a characteristic everyone at MAG Stainless shares. If a positive work environment, a good wage, and steady employment are what you’re after, we invite you to apply today.